Updated High School Student Handbook

Montpelier School does have a school policy book which can be found here:


There is a lot of information in the policy book which covers all of the ‘rules’ for everybody in the school from students to teachers to administrators to janitorial staff. It’s a big document and it’s not necessarily very easy to navigate through. Hopefully navigation of that document will become easier in the near future.

The policy book is the ultimate rule book for the school. If a person has a question about something, they can always look at that policy book and be informed of his or her rights and responsibilities.

Once students are in high school, it seems that there is more cause for them to be interested in what lies in that policy book, but it is still a large document which is not necessarily very easy to navigate.

This summer, teachers and administration have put together a ‘High School Student Handbook’. This handbook is derived from the policy book. The goal was to make it more easily navigable but also to use language which is more easily understood. If there is something in the handbook which seems to contradict the policy book, the policy book is always the deciding document, but the goal was that nothing would do so.

The handbook is subject to change because it is an interpretation of policy. If it is determined that something is unclear or does seem to contradict policy, we will change it.

The handbook can be found online here: