For the 2019 – 2020 school year, the flex mod schedule has much more consistency. Here is how students can check their schedules.

In PowerSchool, students and parents do have access to student schedules. It can be accessed by logging into PowerSchool and then clicking ‘My Schedule’. At the top you can select ‘Week View’ and ‘Matrix View’. The week view before school starts only gives a picture of three days of the week – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is because school starts on a Wednesday this year. The ‘Matrix View’ gives a more complete picture of student schedules.

When looking at the matrix view, it may help to realize that each day is broken up into 20 mods. Mod #1 is thirty minutes long and at the end of the day (homeroom) and mods #2 – #20 are twenty minutes long. Each day of the week in the matrix view is represented by a letter – A is Monday, B is Tuesday, C is Wednesday, D is Thursday, and E is Friday.