End of Quarter Statistics — Mr. Bear

Quarter 1 is done. As high school principal, there are two main statistics with which I am concerned. First, I consider grades. Second, I look at attendance. We have 6 students in grades 7-12 that have had perfect attendance so far this year. These students have not missed school for anything nor have they ever been tardy for any class. These students are Colten Boon, Morgan Rebsom, Lucas Rich, Allison Roorda, Matthew Stoppleworth, and Kristina Vanalstine. These students don’t often get the recognition deserved. In order for a student to be successful, they do need to be in school. That’s one variable that every student regardless of ability can use to make themselves more successful. It could be said, too, that parents have as much to do with perfect attendance as students. So, kudos go to parents as well as students for this statistic.

Next on my list of statistics is grades. We know that every student learns differently. It is easier for some students than others to be successful on our terms, but I do know that at Montpelier School we make it possible for every student to be successful. We do what we can do, but the rest is up to the students themselves. To be on our honor roll, a student needs to have at least a 3.0 GPA. That means they have a B average. In addition to this criteria, students cannot have a D or F on their report card in any class. If a student is a very successful student in most areas, there is a possibility that they can have a B average and still fail a class. Those students are not on the honor roll. Below you can find the first quarter’s honor roll.

There are two students I especially want to highlight in terms of grades this quarter. These two students have a 4.0 GPA. This means they have an A in every single class. It’s not because these students take easy classes. In fact, the students on this list both take extra classes which challenge them more than the normal high school curriculum but they still manage to have all A’s. These two students are Seth Kjellberg and Brant Naze.

I would encourage everybody to remember the names listed above and also scan through the honor roll for students that you see on a regular basis. Congratulate them. Tell them how glad you are that they are taking school seriously. While these students are likely motivated internally, it helps students tremendously if they can get encouragement from those around them.

4.0000– Seth Kjellberg, Brant Naze

3.8571– Cassandra Prescott, Lucas Rich

3.7143– Cody Henne, Desiree Parsons

3.6667– Colten Ford, Morgan Harr, Cheyanne Elsner

3.6000– Dylan Moran

3.5714– Morgan Smith, Angel Nelson

3.5000– Andrew Roorda, Makenzie Knight

3.4286– Hobie Bear, Treazur Williamson, Travis Baker, Taylor Jansen

3.4000– Seth Jansen, Christina McMillion, Whitney Widmer, Savanna Dick

3.3333– Jocelynn Forvilly

3.2857– Melynda Hakenson, Victoria Boom, Kristina Vanalstine, Colten Boom, Alexis Larson, Allison Roorda, Ryleigh Smith

3.2000– Samantha Hofmann

3.1667– Jamie Bertsch

3.1429– Alyssa Enzminger, Morgan Rebsom, George Ringuette

3.0000– Caitlynn Syverson