Community Service Hours

As part of school board policy implemented at Montpelier School in the summer of 2018, every student at Montpelier School is required to serve community service hours in order to qualify for graduation.

The policy can be found here:

Community Service

How much community service?

  • The class of 2019 is required to serve 10 hours.
  • The class of 2020 is required to serve 20 hours.
  • All other classes are required to serve 25 hours.

What counts as community service?

The policy listed above has some examples, but it is not all-inclusive. Some general guidelines:

  • When a student volunteers his or her time to help out others without receiving compensation, it is considered community service.
  • If a student gets paid, it is NOT considered community service.
  • If a student is required by law to perform the service, it is NOT considered community service.

If it is unclear whether or not a certain event is considered community service, they can ask.

How is it reported?

A report needs to include the date of the community service, hours of community service served, the location of the community service, and a description of the community service. It also needs to include a signature of the event organizer or a parent. Emails from parent or event organizer are acceptable. When forms or notes are submitted, parents will be notified that community service hours have been recorded. These are acceptable forms of reporting:

When can a student start reporting community service?

Students can start logging community service hours in the 7th grade.

Other Questions? 

Feel free to contact James Bear at 701-489-3348.