Snoopy is back!

We are excited to welcome back a familiar face to Montpelier School!  Yes, Snoopy has returned.  The original work was designed by the Class of 1974.  At some point in the past, it was removed and once thought lost forever until it was discovered that Class of 2006 alum Abram Valenta had rescued it from the outside elements and was storing on a quonset at his farm.  Once this was discovered we made a plan to return Snoopy to the Montpelier Gym where he belonged.  

Over the past few weeks, Ms. Wilson’s Art class has had a hand in the restoration of Snoopy.  Specifically, we would like to make mention of Winter Lusby, Mylehe Kastet, and Isabella McIntyre who played role in restoring the piece.  Thank you to Randy Henne and Mr. Entzi as well for putting Snoopy back on the gym wall.  We originally had planned to have this ready for the Class of 1974 50-year reunion, but the art students went above and beyond to have it ready for graduation!  We are glad to bring back a little piece of Martin History!

Happiness is Being a Martin!