Lenovo G560 For Sale – $50

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This is an older laptop computer. It has a fresh install of Windows 7 on it. We did have Windows 10 installed at one point, but we found that these computers really don’t do well with Windows 10.

Cosmetically, there are a few bumps on the front. It does seem to work as it should. The battery lasts for at least an hour.

Here are the specifications:

Processor: Intel Pentium P6200 @ 2.13ghz

RAM: 4.0 GB (but only 3 gb are usable because it has a 32 bit Operating System)



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Top of the Class for the Week Ending 11/22/2017

These students find themselves at the top of their respective classes academically for Quarter 1:

Grade 7:
Eddie Harms

Grade 8:
Lane Froehlich
Lance Kjellberg
Megan Witcraft

Grade 9:
Lucas Rich

Grade 10:
Kenzie Knight

Grade 11:
Sebastian Bear

Grade 12:
Ericka Mastel

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