High School Vocabulary for the Week of 2/19/2018

diversity: variety, such as of ethnic or national groups. There has never been a lot of racial diversity at Montpelier, but as time moves forward we have more and more cultural diversity. (noun)

suffrage: the right to vote. Suffrage has always been more complicated than it seems on the surface as you contemplate who really should be given the power to vote depending upon the issue at hand. (noun)

prejudice: an unfair opinion not based on facts. As I walked into the country club, I found myself forming a prejudice toward those that spent a large amount of time in that establishment. (noun)

apartheid: South African legal restrictions and practices separating racial and ethnic groups. Word means “apartness”. I sold my Z3 to a man that decided he needed to move to America after apartheid ended. (noun)

segregation: The separation or isolation of a race, class, or group. I noticed some segregation when a sign appeared on the bathroom door stating, “Staff Only”. (noun)