School Board Election

On Tuesday, June 13th the annual election of the Montpelier Public School District will be held to elect two people to the school board and to determine if the proceedings of the school board will be published in the newspaper for the next two years. The election will be at the school with polls open from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

To vote you must be: a) A citizen of the United States; b)18 years of age or older on the day of the election; c) A resident of this state and of the Montpelier School District at least thirty days preceding the election.

If you recently moved into the school district and your N.D. Driver’s License still shows your old address, change it here:

Voter I.D. Requirements can be found here:

Additional information on voting in North Dakota can be found here:

See you on the 13th!

Ballot 2017


Montpelier Elementary School Honor Roll Quarter 4

Kindergarten– Allison Bowen, Bristol Dally, Jalyssa DeBuck, Wyatt Hoff, Brinley Marshall, Ella Lien, Charles Ratts, Leon Simpson,

First Grade– Maycee Blinsky, Aveahya LaMont, Mason Schneider, Conner Smith, Kailey VanEnk, Kody Wahl

Second Grade
“A” Honor Roll- Isabella Ahrens, Kalli Cahill, Rhea Haakenson, Jordan Jensen, Ian Lien
“B” Honor Roll- Clara Harms, Brayden Russell

Third Grade
“A” Honor Roll- Fallon Dodgson, Kaden Tornabene
“B” Honor Roll- Cheyenne Bowen, Max Schrader, Chloe Smith, Mylee Widmer

Fourth Grade
“A” Honor Roll- Cecelia Bear, August Harms
“B” Honor Roll- Caden Mostad, Locklynn Steele

Fifth Grade
“A” Honor Roll- Kaiya Dodgson, Louis Kjlellberg, Nate Kjellberg, Taryn Mittleider, Gage Rode, Alexius Schempp, Amy Smith, Jozee Vondal
“B” Honor Roll- Cody Froehlich, Rylee Kuhn, Colten Luck, Ethan Luck, Hayden Luck, Amy Smith, Austyn Stoppleworth

Sixth Grade
“A” Honor Roll- Edison Harms
“B” Honor Roll- Zach Dally, Kassidy Ford, Gabrielle Haakenson, Edison Harms, Leah Peckham, Nora Smith, Ashlynn Walz